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Investment Advisory

The professionals of Marbury Private Asset Management offer clients a tailored approach to money management. The Advisors at Marbury Private Asset Management create and manage customized investment portfolios. We manage each account to help meet the capital preservation, growth, income, tax and risk tolerance requirements of each individual client.

A separately managed account is a professionally managed portfolio of securities owned directly by our client and featuring a single, all-inclusive fee based on the amount of assets in the account. Although separate accounts are not appropriate for every investor, they feature a number of benefits for high-net-worth investors, including:

  • Customization. The portfolio will be tailored to fit specified investing preferences and income needs.
  • Tax efficiency. Because the client owns the securities in the account, trades can be executed, in the most tax efficient manner possible.
  • Reduced trading costs. We hold far fewer securities and our turnover rate of those securities is much lower than pooled investment vehicles like mutual funds.
  • Active portfolio management. The client’s portfolio is constantly monitored and securities are traded in a manner that seeks to take advantage of developing opportunities and avoid undue risk.
  • Style consistency. Assets are managed in strict accordance with the portfolio’s stated strategy, without the risk that comes from "style drift."