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Marbury Wealth Management was formed with a mission to provide "family office" quality financial services to a limited number of high net worth individuals. Our management team has worked together for over 20 years and together we have compiled a diverse array of expertise and financial service capabilities. Our shared goal is to provide an atmosphere of excellence, creativity, and tailored financial services for our valued clients.

Our name was inspired by the legacy of Major Joseph Marbury who became the Commander of Fort Pitt in 1783, following the American Revolution. Notably, our offices sit directly above what once was Marbury Street, one of the oldest streets in downtown Pittsburgh, named in honor of Fort Pitt’s revered leader. Marbury’s bold, calculated, and precise leadership is something we strive to emulate in our business. We chose the name to signify an atmosphere of trust, an ethical approach to business and, most important, a team that makes decisions based on what is appropriate for the client.

We dedicate our efforts to a limited number of clients to ensure that our services are focused at the individual level. Our clients come to us via referrals from existing clients or our professional networks. We do not focus our resources on ancillary tasks, such as marketing, advertising or managing a large group of employees. Instead, we concentrate solely on serving our client base and providing sophisticated, personal service through a team-based approach.